Festivals - Ambabai Mahalaxmi Kolhapur

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Sharadiya Navaratrotsav (Nine Devine Nights):
Almost all the Hindu festivals are celebrated with relation with the nature's yearly cycle. Sharadiya Navaratri literally means; welcoming of Sharad; the winter season. A very prime festival of the goddess Ambabai (Mahalaxmi) of Kolhapur. The celebrations starts on the Ashwin Shuddha Pratipada & continues till Khandenavami.

Palakhee Sohala :
Every Friday, at 9.30 pm, the utsav Murti of the goddess performs Pradakshina to the temple. This Palakhee Sohala is performed for nine days during Navaratri.

Lalita Panchami :
On the fifth day, Lalita Panchami is celebrated when the goddess visits Tryamboli temple. It is situated in the outskirts of the town.

Nagar Pradakshina :
Utsav Murti of the goddess performs Nagar Pradakshina in a chariot.

Vijaya dashami :
Vijaya dashami (Dasara) is celebrated under the royal patronage of the Karveer Sansthan. On this occasion, Palakhee of the goddess visits famous Dasara Chowk where the celebration of Dasara begins. After the event, Palakhee visits Panchaganga River & comes back to the temple.

Rathotsav :
Every year on Chaitra Vadhya Pratipada (the next day of Shri Jotiba Yatra); the goddess performs Nagar Pradakshina. A newly chariot made from silver donated by thousands of devotees is used for Rathotsav.
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