Nature - Ambabai Mahalaxmi Kolhapur

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Nature of goddess Mahalaxmi

मातुलुंगम् गदा खेटम् पानपात्रम्च बिभ्रती |
नागम् लिंगम्च योनींच बिभ्रती नृप मूर्धनी |
Meaning She who holds an Adams' apple (म्हाळून्ग), a mace (गदा), a shield (ढाल) and a pot (पानपात्र) in her hands; and on her head, there exists a snake, a gender and a cunt; representing the universe, a man and a women. She is the supreme goddess.
Almost all sects in the world consider the supreme Goddess as their mother. The reason is her form and her name. As grandson of saint Eknath Shri. Mukteshwar said,
तारा अगम्य शाक्ता |
शिवभजका गौरी सांख्यासी प्रकृती |
निर्गुण निजधारी गायत्री निजबीज |
निगमागम सारी प्रकटे |
पद्मावती श्री जिनधर्मचारी |
Meaning Shakta sect call her Tara, devotees of Lord Shankara call her Gauri, followers of Sankhya philosophy (tatvadnyan) call her Prakruti, students of Veda call her Gayatri and Jain followers call her Padmavati.
Though we all know that saint Eknath Maharaj is a great devotee of Vithoba (Lord Vishnu); his grandson Mukteshwar also had strong belief that she is Laxmi; the concern of Lord Vishnu. But it is notable that he never hesitated about what all other sects think about her.
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